We have the amazing opportunity at Little Nest Portraits to collaborate with like-minded businesses, many of them owned by unbelievable and totally ah-maz-ing women. This week, we connected with the owner of Apple Village (a children's design + gift shop in Montclair, NJ) Alexandria Pavel to learn more about her business, her favorite tips for decorating your nursery and her tips for following your passion. We're so lucky to have her as a partner, friend and member of the Little Nest family!

We love to celebrate family connections at Little Nest Portraits—in every aspect of what we do—photographing families, encouraging work-life balance of our employees and franchisees, partnering with like-minded businesses. In fact, it’s our hope that as soon as you step into a studio or our office, you feel that love and human connection radiating from every nook and cranny. To us, it’s more than just capturing a moment in time. It’s about creating and saving those magical little moments that make up a lifetime of pure, raw emotion and love. That any interaction with Little Nest Portraits, whether you’re a customer, employee, partner or friend, will give you a sense of belonging, of family and of something bigger than ourselves.